Ship from store

Turn your stores
into mini warehouses

Stock unification is the cornerstone of omnichannel enablement for retailers.
Amongst the numerous use cases it allows, the most impactful in terms of both financial outcome and customer satisfaction are the ship from store scenarios, they are by far the best contributors to online and in-store stock-out eradication.

Winning over online stock-outs

Like other cross-channel retailers, you’ll know that from time-to-time parts of your range become unavailable online. When demand is high, this costs you sales and customers!

However, in many cases these products can be found in your stores. So why not ship them from your stores?

OneStock allows you to make all your stock available online, enabling purchase and fulfilment with only positive impact on customer experience.

Orchestration algorithms assign the orders to the right stores in order to maximize profitability and minimize timelines.

As a result, an instant increase in web turnover of up to 30%:

Ship From Store Advantages

Ship From Store allows you to utilise your shops as mini-warehouses. So that you :

Avoid stock-outs and increase customer satisfaction

Instantly increase the number of orders and your turnover

Reduce costs and delivery times by shipping closer to the customer

Display your entire catalogue on all your channels

Balance stock across every store and reduce end of the season markdowns

Boost staff-engagement by helping them achieve their sales target

Availability of store stock for all channels

OneStock allow you to unify all storage points: DC warehouse, stores, subsidiaries, suppliers, distributors.... Get the visibility needed to deploy all your omnichannel scenarios using the store network:

Ship From Store:

Eradicate stock-outs by making store stock available for online sales.

In Store order:

Provide your staff mobile POS to take orders and payments for their own stock items or those of other stores.

Express Click & Collect:

Use stock from the customer’s nearest store to fulfil express orders.

Fulfil From Store:
Ship From Store based on Unified Stock

In Europe, the term Ship From Store covers all shipping scenarios from a point of sale. Across the Atlantic, this term refers only to the shipment of the product itself. The term Fulfil From Store is preferred as it includes the order being taken against a unified inventory, better illustrating the benefits of this solution.

A team of experts in Fulfil From Store

Since 2010, our experts have worked in close collaboration with major European retailers. As a result, we understand your precise constraints and issues. Throughout your omnichannel transformation project, our team advises you in your strategic choices: issues related to inventory, order orchestration, change management, evolution of your points of sale... The OneStock team guides you according to your processes, your technical environment (legacy system) and your business objectives.

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