Serge Blanco

+200% online growth
thanks to Fulfil From Store

Since 2016, OneStock has assisted Serge Blanco in the deployment of its omnichannel strategy: setting up fulfil from store, web to store solutions, point of sale digitalisation ...
The objective of this popular brand was to increase online turnover and offer a shopping experience that meets customer needs.


Stock unavailability: a huge challenge


This was the unavailability rate (at SKU level) for online products on the Serge Blanco website. In view of this double-digit figure and the inherent sales shortfall, the men’s fashion brand implemented a fast track omnichannel strategy.

We realised that the most popular items, especially the Cocotte limited edition sweatshirts, were available in retail stores but often out of stock in the main warehouse. As a result, online demand for these items could no longer be fulfilled, even though the products were still present in our physical stores.

Ibrahim RAHNI - Digital Manager at Serge Blanco.
Ibrahim RAHNI
Digital Manager at Serge Blanco.

Fulfil From Store: when shops become small warehouses

After Serge Blanco initially attempted to develop their own solution internally, the business chose to deploy OneStock

Thanks to our proven & agile Fulfil From Store solution, the brand is now able to aggregate online stock and that from their thirty physical stores. With this unified stock management, the online customer no longer faces the frustration of "this item is no longer available for your size".

Results: in the 2 months following implementation of fulfil from store, more than 60% of the items ordered online have been shipped from shops. This allowed the website to record a sales boost of 198% in less than 6 months!


Of orders shipped
from stores


Growth of
online turnover


Of unsold

An agile integration for a flexible solution

Despite a complex digital architecture composed primarily of a Magento e-commerce website and a Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the integration of the OneStock fulfil from store took place seamlessly.

Through flat file exchange and API use, OneStock can communicate and is compliant with all types of environments: e-commerce platforms, Order Management Systems, Stock & Warehouse Management Systems and multi carriers.

Fulfil From Store to optimise conversion and increase sales

The business is now able to take advantage of inventory available in stores, so the brand increases the customer experience, attracts new customers and optimises its logistics by decreasing delivery time and costs and significantly increasing turnover and profits throughout the distribution network.

Another benefit of these changes is that Serge Blanco can now calculate the true potential of its brand! Online users no longer have the challenge of only having access to a subset of the entire estate stock, so it becomes easy to measure the website’s true ability to drive conversion.

Next steps for Serge Blanco are to continue to improve its processes and offer new services to its customers. It plans to launch a new solution, reserve & collect, also using OneStock.

Each sales assistant will connect to a single interface with two tabs: one for fulfil from store, which will provide details of orders and necessary functionality for shipment (for online customers) and the second tab for reserve & collect, which will indicate the list of products to reserve (customers collecting from store).

Omnichannel Features deployed for Serge Blanco :

From Store

Reserve & Collect