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Fulfil From Store - Taking a fresh view of stock

UK retailer Jigsaw increased its average monthly turnover by 32% after introducing a fulfil-from-store option to its omnichannel strategy

Like most retailers, an increasing share of Jigsaw’s sales were migrating online, so it was looking for a solution to open up its full inventory to the online shopper.

We were stuck in a cycle of transferring stock back to the distribution centre (DC) for the website,” explains Jigsaw’s omnichannel director, Kate Holt. “We wanted to give online shoppers a single view of all stock. Opening up store inventory seemed to be the best way to optimise all our channels, as it puts the right stock in the right place at the right time. It has really taken a burden off us.

Kate Holt - Omni-Channel Director at Jigsaw Clothing

Jigsaw partnered with OneStock in July 2016 to optimise its omnichannel strategy. It opted for OneStock’s fulfil-from-store, click-and-collect and continuous-stocktake capabilities.

“It has increased sell-through, decreased transfers to the DC and reduced markdowns. We’re selling more at full price, as the stock is available to the customer when they want it,” says Holt.

Jigsaw views OneStock as a new income stream for stores, as the retailer treats any online order fulfilled by a store as an in-store sale.

“The stores fulfil the order, regardless of the fact that it was placed online,” explains Holt. “So it is added to the store’s sales and targets, which is great at a time when more spend is moving online – it brings stores back into the fold.”

She adds that store staff have fully embraced the portal: “Staff have really gotten behind it – they see it as motivational. Our online customer tends to shop in the morning or in the evening, while stores peak at lunchtime.

“OneStock gives stores an opportunity to fulfil orders during those off-peak times and we can restrict access [to it] during key store-selling times so staff can focus on the shop floor.”

The system can prioritise stores that have all the items selected by the shopper in stock to avoid the customer getting multiple packages. The shopper’s preferred click-and-collect location can also get first access to the order.

Following its UK success, Jigsaw plans to roll out to its Australian and US operations.

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